Diagnóstico Automóvel OBD II V2.1






Start the engines! Convert your laptop into a real-time diagnostic station in your own car. All you need is this 16-pin ELM 327 USB to OBDII cable, a laptop and your car. You will be able to instantly modify the settings and clear errors in your vehicle from the convenience of your laptop. This device will save you money by analyzing car errors and presenting the results in a matter of minutes. Using your favorite diagnostic software, you can find a wide variety of car problems without the need for mechanical labor.
Capable of performing from the simplest tasks such as reading and viewing time data to the most complex tasks such as exporting data to spreadsheets, recording data in graphs, and much more, making it an indispensable tool for your garage.
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Bluetooth Interface ELM 327 Car Diagnostics Fault Code
Real-time verification of critical information on TDI engines
An indispensable tool for any mechanic or enthusiast
Compatible with Windows
Main function: USB Vag cable
16-pin OBDII male plug: J1962 (for car)
Examples of compatible brands (some models may not be compatible):
- Alfa Romeo / Audi / BMW / Chevrolet / Chrysler / Citroen
- Daewoo / Daihatsu / Datsun / Dodge / Fiat / Ford
- Honda / Hyundai / Isuzu / Jaguar / Jeep / Kia
- Lamborghini / Lancia / Land Rover / Lexus / Lotus
- Mazda / Mercedes- Benz / MG / Mini / Mitsubishi / Nissan
- Peugeot / Proton / Renault / Rover / Saab / Seat / Skoda / Smart / Subaru / Suzuki
- Toyota / TVR / Vauxhall / Opel / Volkswagen / Volvo
Some features of this product:
Code change: modify, add or delete according to preference
Real-time monitoring in Metric and US standard units
Timer Performance: 0 to 100 km/h
Calculated Load Value
Coolant Temperature
Fuel System Status
Short and Long Fuel Adjustment period
Inlet manifold pressure
Time advance
Air inlet temperature