Kit 4 Sensores Estacionamento de Automóvel c/ Display (Branco) - M-TECH






The WHITE CP4 kit is distinguished by its simplicity and ease of use. Ultrasonic sensors measure the distance to the obstacle, then the information is transmitted to a small digital display mounted on the dashboard. The driver can see multicolored lines appearing on the monitor, he also gets the exact distance to the object. At the same time, a built-in buzzer alerts you with a beep (beep frequency indicates distance). The system switches on after using reverse gear.
The sensors are available in four different colors.
M-Tech parking sensors are characterized by a very low faults and easy installation. Sensors can be painted, this does not affect their performance.
- Numerical Counter to Identify Obstacle Distance
- LCD Display with 3 Color Alert Levels
- System of 4 Sensors
- Safety Distance of 1.5 Meters
- Built-in Beetle with Volume Regulation
- Monitor Dimensions: 8,3x5,2x2, 4cm
- Sensor diameter: 21.5 mm
- Voltage: 12V DC
- Input power: <4W
- Ultrasonic sensor frequency: 40 KHz
- Distance covered: 3m to 0.3m
- Measurement error: +/- 5cm
- Operating temperature: -30C to +70C