Blister 2x Lampadas T10/W5W 5 LEDs SMD 12V Branco 6000K (CANBUS) - M-TECH






The markings: W5W
The base symbol: W2.1x9.5d
Diod Number: 5xLED
Diodes Type: 5xSMD5050
Technology: CANBUS
Power : 1.2W
Voltage: 12V DC
Replacement: W5W, T10, R10, W2.1x9.5d
Application: Parking lights, side directions, lights of doors and lockers, car interior lighting, license plates, signal lights.
Powerful diode, its main purpose is the location of the parking lights. It will also work in any other location with W5W lamp input. CANBUS lamps are adapted to work with the latest cars with CAN rails and burnt-out lamp control.
This LED behaves like a standard halogen lamp in a car. It doesnt blink or go out like ordinary light bulbs.
The advantages of LED light bulbs:
longer lifespan compared to standard light bulbs
lower energy consumption
Faster on/off time
shock resistance
simple assembly
brighter colors