Cabo de Rede RJ45 CAT8.1 S/FTP Branco (1 metro) - NEDIS

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? Suitable for 25/40 GBase-T Ethernet networks (max. 40 GB) and backward compatible
? Maximum bandwidth: 2000 Mhz / 2 GHz
? Conductor all copper which ensures excellent transmission
? Very flexible strain relief to prevent cable breakage
? Strong molded connectors specially designed for heavy use
White color
Round cable design
Conductive material copper
Connector design - B-side straight
Packing and packaging Polypropylene bag
Diameter 6.2 mm
Outer material PVC LSZH
AWG value 27
Protection S / FTP
Connection B RJ45
Bandwidth of 2000 MHz
Cable type CAT8.1
Connection A RJ45
Connection A and B RJ45 - RJ45
Cable length 1.0 m