Cabo de Rede RJ45 UTP CAT6 Exterior (30 mts)

SKU: 94393





CCA copper blend material for SOHO applications, PE outer sheath
These cables are ideal for outdoor use and laying, e.g. in the garden, when camping, to lay on facades of buildings, to connect surveillance cameras and for similar applications. The cable jacket is resistant to weather influences and ultraviolet radiation.
- Unshielded LAN / network cable with 2 RJ45 plugs for connecting network components with outdoor areas
- UV and water resistant
- Double outer sheath (PE)
- Gold-plated contact surfaces (PINs)
- With anti-twist sleeve and snap-on protection
- Suitable for 10/100/1000 Mbit
- Pairing sequence according to EIA / TIA 568B