Coluna Amp. Portátil 15"" 800W MP3/USB/SD/BLUETOOTH c/ 3x Microfones UHF (AP1500PA) - VONYX

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Professional PA portable speaker 15"" 800W with remote control, integrated USB port and SD Card reader to play MP3 files. This ""all in 1"" system comes equipped with a Bluetooth receiver for streaming playback and 2 microphones UHF wireless that operate both. Powered by current or with built-in 12V battery, totally independent. Incorporates carrying handles and wheels. On the back there are two more inputs for cable microphones with echo effect for these microphones, line input AUX, tone controls, etc. This complete system is indispensable in any event where music is needed..
- BT receiver for audio streaming
- 1x UHF wireless microphone of head
- 1x UHF wireless microphone
- 1x Cable handheld microphone
- Built-in MP3 player via USB, SD/MMC
- Battery level indicator
- Echo effect for microphones
- Compression treble tweeter
- Remote control for MP3 player
- Works with 220V or 12V current
- Trolley with retractable handle
- Rigid ABS housing
- Output power: 800W
- Response frequency: 50Hz - 19kHz
- Woofer: 15""
- Working frequency: 863.100MHz- 864.500MHz
- Battery: 12V/7Ah
- Power supply : 230Vac - 50Hz
- Dimensions: 370 x 445 x 690mm
- Weight: 17.7 Kg