Colunas Auto 3 Vias 210W (10cm) - Pioneer

SKU: TS-G1030F


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Discover the revamped G-series
The enhanced G-series speaker range is specifically designed for premium, powerful audio at an excellent value for money. Its rigid design has been optimized with multi-pin patterns, which greatly simplifies the installation of any G-series speaker in your car. Thanks to their enhanced power capability and high-sensitivity performance, these speakers reproduce deep, impactful bass and natural highs ? even at high volumes.
Enjoy extraordinary mid-bass response with the blue injection polypropylene cone.
- Tweeter size (mm): 10 mm
- Tweeter material: PET
- Voice coil type: Copper
- Voice coil type: KAPTON
- Speakers coaxial: Yes
- Magnets: Y35
- Size: 10 cm
- 3 way: Yes
- Impedance: 4 Ohm
- Response in frequency: 35 - 27,000
- Weight: 0.35 kg
- Sensitivity: 87 dB
- Cut hole: 106 mm
- Lower resonant frequency (Hz) : 113 Hz
- Mounting depth: 43 mm
- Maximum power: 210 W
- Rated input power: 30 W
- Woofer material: Cone in IMPP composite
- Midrange size (mm): 30 m m
- Midrange material: PET