Consola Digital de Chamada com Display s/ Fios para Gestor de Vez TD3






Desktop call console with 3-digit display (14 mm high) to be connected to the TD3 display. It is a useful solution for work places such as counters or rooms.
The black ABS plastic housing is provided with a keypad (0/9) to directly set the number, and with 2 keys (+/-) for the front / backwards.
NOTE: It is not possible to use CONS3 and MINIPOINT-TX simultaneously with the same TD3 display.
- Color: ABS black
- External dimensions: 105x87x32mm
- Height of the digits: 14mm
- Visual angle: 150 °
- Operating temperature: 0 ° / 50 °C
- Power supply voltage: 5/250 mA VDC