Antena Satélite Automática Caravan Mobile Single p/ Auto-Caravana - SELFSAT

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The SELFSAT CARAVAN MOBIL is a fully automatic, freely positionable, mobile camping SAT antenna that is permanently installed in a transport case. With the supplied coaxial cable, it can be positioned at a distance of up to 12 m from the TV or receiver and with a clear view of the satellite. The mobile home or caravan can thus be parked in the shade. When the satellite search starts, the box opens and the top part with the built-in parabolic mirror starts to align with the satellite. The antenna has two carrying handles (can also be used for theft protection) and can be carried horizontally or vertically. At the bottom it has a compartment to store the connection cables and rubber feet. The antenna can be operated via the app via Bluetooth, 10 satellites can be selected. The tilt can be adjusted manually. Due to its compact design, it can also be used very well in vans or motorhomes.
Modern control via Bluetooth only requires an antenna cable from the trunk. You can conveniently control the antenna using a smartphone app.
Once switched on, the antenna automatically aligns itself with the Astra 19E satellite. However, you can also point the antenna to any other position within the pre-programmed satellites.
- Antenna gain: 33.4 dBi at 12.7 GHz
- Dimensions (WxDxH): 456 x 463 x 202 mm
- Power consumption: 11W (while searching)
Mobile APP: Support all operating functions, Firmware Update, Troubleshooting with self-diagnosis, Antenna function status display, iOS or Android.