Kit Amplificador Mastro (561601) + Alimentador 12V (5796) - TELEVES 567810

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Kit composed of:
Ref. 561601: NanoKom mast amplifier, 3 inputs: UHF-VHFmix-FImix
Pole-mounted amplifier to amplify and mix terrestrial and satellite television signals from different antennas.
It has 3 inputs: the signal is amplified at the UHF input, while the VHF and FI (SAT) input only mix. Allows DC pass through to the satellite input to power the LNB. RED compliant.
Ref. 5796: PicoKom 12V - 220mA power supply, 1 output
12V power supply (200mA), which sends power through the input coaxial cable, allowing the TV signal to pass through. Inserts into the installation to power mast amplifiers or a BOSS system.
It stands out by
- It has ""USOS"" technology (User Selectable Output Signal): the installer selects the desired output level, which remains stable. The device automatically adjusts itself to adapt the gain to the variations of the input signal.
- Separate amplification and very low noise figure, thus respecting the signal quality
- Ultra-reduced ergonomic design
- EasyF Connection System
- Can be powered from 12 to 24V
- Completely automated manufacture and subjected to strict quality controls
- High-armored chassis, manufactured in Zamak
Key features
- LTE/5G filter to eliminate telephony interference
- ON/OFF switch to allow through DC to the UHF input, to power a BOSS
system - Simple assembly. Mast clamp included
- Orange high strength ABS plastic safe for outdoor installation
- Connection system EasyF: simplicity and savings
- The EasyF system is an innovative concept of connecting the central conductor of the coaxial cable (live), with direct connection to the device, increasing the reliability of the connection. The absence of ""F"" connectors makes it possible to reduce the chassis and connect two coaxial cables in the same compartment.
* Real time savings: significantly reduces installation time as there is no need to apply connectors. It also has the advantage of space, avoiding the process of tightening the connectors that complicates when it is reduced
* Connection reliability: The clamp that supports the cables prevents them from coming loose
* Economical: no needs additional connectors (""F"" or ""CEI"")
* Space optimization: inputs and outputs are always on the same side of the device, avoiding creasing coaxial cables and facilitating work inside cabinets and boxes
* Very simple assembly in just three steps: It only requires opening and screwing the clamp to connect the cables:
1. Open the clamp
2. Insert the cables previously stripped coaxials
3. Close and tighten the clamp to secure the connection
More information about the reliability of the EasyF system
With EasyF, the connection of the coaxial cable to the device is carried out through an automatic system of insertion of the live, (central conductor) by contact, without the need for welding.
- Durability: device lifetime increases by eliminating solders that deteriorate over time
- Reduction in failure rate: usually caused by cold solders
- Optimization of electromagnetic behavior: at high frequencies
- Commitment to the environment: contamination caused by the welding process is eliminated and electrical consumption associated with the manufacturing process is reduced