Antena Exterior TDT UHF, FM e VHF p/ Auto-Caravana (OMNINOVA BOSS) - TELEVES

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Intelligent omnidirectional antenna that does not need to be oriented
Antenna capable of 360º (omnidirectional) reception, requiring no further reorientation if the reception point is moved. This makes it ideal for DTT reception in mobile installations in general (boats, motorhomes...) for short stays.
The BOSS Tech system automatically controls the signal level received (either too high or too low) to always provide the optimal output level. Its new design with TForce technology, makes this smart device even more versatile.
Supplied with a complete kit for its installation:
- PicoKom 12V power supply (Ref . 579401)
- Current injector for connection with the battery (Ref. 7450)
- Straight support for mounting the antenna
- F connector
- Screw-in with mounting key to hold the mast
Stands by
- High dynamic range: Allows you to receive quality TV in a wide variety of critical situations , from areas with very weak signals to installations with high levels of reception
- Increase in the DTT coverage area
- High gain
- More stable reception: Allows you to withstand signal variations or fading without affecting the TV installation
- Includes SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) filter to reject LTE interference from mobile lines
Main features
- Robust and versatile structure:
Weatherproof: Housing with high resistance to salinity, humidity and adverse weather phenomena (IP 53).
The base includes a fixing element, compatible with 30mm diameter poles.
The fixing system at the base of the antenna, allows to protect and hide the coaxial cable through the inside of the mast or support.
- 360º reception in several bands: No need for orientation: BI, FM, BIII and UHF .
- Reduced consumption in intelligent mode
- LTE Ready: Designed to optimize the rejection of the LTE band (telephone interference) by electronic filter.
- Two operating modes:
In intelligent mode (powering the antenna), BOSS provides an automatic adjustment to correct signal oscillations and maintain the optimal output level.
In passive mode, it allows the signal to pass through (without power supply).
- Simple assembly. You can purchase the kit with all the accessories necessary for its installation.
TForce technology:
Televés overcomes the silicon era and takes a step in the new era of the design of electronic components, which allow to obtain integrated circuits that operate in the frequency band of microwaves. TForce is based on manufacturing with semiconductor compounds such as gallium arsenic (GaAs), allowing products that integrate it with features that are difficult to match.
Televés has reinvented the antenna concept. Until now, an antenna was limited to being the receiving element in a TV installation where gain and directivity were the characteristics to be highlighted. The introduction of an intelligent device such as the BOSS gave the antenna the ability to receive very weak signals without the risk of being affected by very strong signals where fluctuations do not affect the final result: the concept of ?Dynamic Margin? reveals itself as the most outstanding among the quality parameters.
The creation of a BOSS with TForce technology, based on the use of MMIC components, is an extraordinary reference in the optimization of the dynamic margin. A technology that allowed the recovery of lost signals from distant satellites and that makes it possible to increase the coverage range
in DTT installations.
Série NOVA
In this special series, the antennas are intended to be installed in atypical situations.
- Known for having a low visual impact design, pleasant and discreet impact, ideal for installation in places where good aesthetics are important.
- These are intelligent antennas incorporating the BOSS system that allows them to always offer the best possible output level for good reception quality.
- Designed to optimize rejection to the LTE band by means of electronic filtering.
- LTE Ready: Incorporate an integrated LTE/4G filter to eliminate interference from wireless telephony networks
- Made of materials with high resistance to salinity, humidity and other adverse climatic elements, which provide a protection index 53.
- Low energy consumption electrical and easy to assemble. They can be purchased in complete kits with all the accessories needed for their installation.
- Manufactured in Europe, subjected to strict quality controls that provides high reliability.