Carregador de Pilhas AA/AAA c/ LCD - everActive

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everActive NC-450 charger features 4 fully independent charging channels. Allows fast charging of 1 to 4 Ni-MH cells of any capacity and size (R03 AAA / R6 AA fingers) in any configuration .
The microprocessor controls the charging of each battery individually! This ensures safety and provides full performance to the batteries.
After full charge the charger turns off automatically - ensures full charge without overloading the cells, even those that stay in the charger for a long time .
The charger is equipped with a multi-segment, multifunctional, backlit LCD monitor.
- Very practical and compact
- Microprocessor controlled - provides fast charging (~1 to 5h) and automatic and precise determination of the total charge by the dV method,
- Four completely independent charging channels - possibility of charging 1 -4 different batteries, different manufacturers, different capacities or different sizes,
- Clear LCD display with green backlight.
- Battery overcharge protection,
- Graphical information on LCD display, individual for each charging slot
- After all batteries are charged, the green LED is off
- Charging o automatic - after full charging, the batteries remain ready for use without the risk of overcharging, even when left in the charger for an extended period of time
- Supported batteries: 1-4 R03 AAA / R6 AA, Ni-MH
- Charging current: .AA = 1x- 1800mA, 2x- 900mA, 3-4x- 450mA / . AAA = 1x- 900mA, 2x- 450mA, 3-4x- 225mA
- Safety: microprocessor with -dV control, battery overheat protection, overload/short circuit protection, damaged and alkaline cell detection
- LCD display: large, easy to read with green backlight, graphic indication of charge level
- Power: 100-240V AC 50-60Hz 10W maximum, 1m power cord included
- Dimensions: 110 x 68 x 29 mm
Approximate charging times
3-4 pcs AA 2000mAh ~ 5h
1 pcs AA 2000mAh ~ 1.2h
3-4 pcs AAA 800 mAh ~ 4.2h
1 pcs AAA 800 mAh ~ 1h