Carregador Profissional de Multi-Baterias NiMH/Li-ion/Li-FePO4 USB c/ LCD - everActive

SKU: UC-4000





Main features:
- Two basic modes of operation - charging (charge), discharge with update (discharge),
- in discharge mode, the battery is discharged first and then automatically charged in full - the charger independently outputs the parameters and work results for each process
- Battery resuscitation function 0.00 V - The charger can revive almost any battery
- Intelligent microprocessor , PRECISE charging process cc/CV for Li-ion / Li-FePO4 and dc with DV/PVD for Ni-MH ,
- adjustable charging current for lithium cells: 0.5 A or 1 a for each slot, for NI-MH the charging current is 0.5 A for each slot,
- Four independent charging channels with the ability to charge single batteries and unusual combinations
- USB 5v output / 1a for charging mobile devices - USB mains charger function
- Capacity review - 300mA discharge current with Capacity measurement and review with [mah] Function - a unique feature that allows you to review two capacities [mah] for each battery with discharging and charging - allows not only the battery capacity, but also allows you to assess whether the battery has been charged correctly,
- Protections : overload, excessive discharge of cells, short circuit, thermal overload, before the reverse polarity of the cells.
- Charger model: UC-4000
- Supported battery types: 1-4x 3.6 rechargeable Li-ion-3.7V batteries, shielded (with PCM/PCB) and unshielded, LiFePO4 , Ni-MH
- Supported battery sizes: R6 AA, R03 AAA, R14 C, R20 D, 10440, 14500, 14650, 17500, 17670, 18350, 18500, 18650, 20700, 21700, 22650, 25500 , 26500, 26650, 32650, 33600, 16340 R-CR123e
- Input voltage: Integrated 12V DC power supply, 2.5 A Max and 100-240V AC, cable included
- Max battery dimensions: Height: 71mm, Width: 33mm
- Charging method: Processor controlled DC / CV for Liion / Li-FePO4, DC with dV / PVD for Ni-MH
- DC phase charging: 0.5 A / 1A adjustable per channel / Liion slot / Li-FePO4 0.5 a per channel / Ni-MH slot
- Loading voltage end: .Li-ion 4.2 V ± 0.05V .Li -FePO4 3.65V ± 0.05V .Ni-MH ~ 1.45V-1.55V dV / PVD
- Output current for lithium cells: ~ 75mA
- Current Discharge: 300mA per channel/slot