Carregador Profissional de Pilhas AA/AAA c/ LCD - everActive






Very practical and compact, despite the multitude of functions, the charger is very easy and intuitive to charge.
- Four completely independent charging channels, possibility to charge 1-4pcs. Different batteries, different manufacturers, different capacities, in different sizes,
- Fully independent configuration of charging / discharging current for each channel,
- Adjustable charging current : 200-500-700-1000mA for 1-4pcs. R03 AAA / R6 AA batteries,
- Discharge Possible current adjustment: 100-250-350-500mA,
- Universal input voltage 12V DC / 1.5A, mains adapter included and plug for car
- MULTIFUNCTIONAL LCD display, showing the current state of charge (voltage), charging time, charging current, the counted capacity of mAh for each of the cells - the selected parameter is displayed simultaneously for all charged cells - no need to switch between them.
- Four loader work programs : Update - measurement , charge/discharge with measurement, capacity test
- USB output - charger can be used to charge the mobile phone for example
Kit contents:
- Charger NC1000 PLUS Packed in original box,
- Adapter AC 100-240V / 12V DC-1500mA with cable 1m
- Car adapter 12V DC with plug for cigarette lighter socket with cable approx. 1m
- Complete manual