Coluna Portátil Bluetooth 100W LED USB/MicroSD/FM - FONESTAR






Portable wireless speaker with 2 x 6 ½´ woofers and 1 x 2´ tweeter that provide great power and sound quality.
USB/microSD reader and digital FM tuner, all format playback in one device.
Incorporates 2 microphone inputs with independent echo and volume control, set up your own karaoke at home!
The auxiliary input increases the playback possibilities, allowing the connection of any other audio device.
Dual LED ring with light effects to the beat of the music.
The long-range rechargeable battery makes it very versatile and adaptable to a multitude of uses.
Includes command for remote control.
For Karaoke, musical and visual setting for small events, parties, traveling shows and outdoor activities.
- Portable wireless speaker.
- USB/microSD reader and FM radio.
- Karaoke function, independent control of music and microphones.
- Echo function and equalizations.
- Dual LED ring with selectable light effects.
- Up to 6 hours of autonomy.
- Remote control.
- Power: 100W
- Speakers: 2 woofer 6 ½´´, 1 tweeter 2´´
- Inputs: 2 microphones, 6.3 mm jack; 1 stereo aux, 3.5 mm jack
- Power supply:
9V DC, 2A with included adapter
Li-ion battery 7.4 V, 3.6 Ah
Autonomy with rechargeable battery: 6 h*
Battery charging time: 8 hours
*Autonomy with volume at 50%. Depending on the type of music and the volume, the battery life may decrease.
Remote control: 2 LR03-AAA batteries
- Dimensions: 242 x 595 x 250 mm depth
- Weight: 5.3kg