Sistema Som Portátil Amp.12"" MP3/BLUETOOTH/USB/SD/TWS c/ Luzes (SET COMBO 1000 BAT MKII) - MARK

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SET COMBO 1000 BAT is an amplified system consisting of 1 amplified subwoofer and 2 satellites, using a trolley system for easy transport.
The subwoofer integrates a 160W amplifier and various types of inputs (including microphone and line-level inputs) to expand possibilities and operating modes.
In addition, it has an integrated USB/SD/Bluetooth reader to offer maximum versatility in its use thanks to the playback of files via the USB/SD port or from a smartphone or similar device via Bluetooth. It also has a wireless microphone and, on the back, the necessary controls to adjust master volume, tone controls and individual input levels.
SET COMBO 1000 BAT includes an internal rechargeable battery to make the system much more portable. Satellites can be attached to the side of the subwoofer and use the cart system for easy transport.
- Amplified system consisting of 1x self-powered subwoofer + 2x satellites.
- Integrated MP3 player with connections for USB, SD and Bluetooth.
- Built-in 160W amplifier.
- Handheld microphone in the VHF band.
- Echo function (microphone with priority).
- Internal rechargeable battery.
- Remote Control.
- 5 input channels with separate gain controls.
- Trolley and hand system on top.
- Main supply: External power supply DC15V / internal battery DC12V 7A / external power DC 12V (terminals)
- Elements: 12´ woofer + 5 x tweeters
- Power handling: 160W
- Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
- Internal battery: 12V - 7A (rechargeable)
- Wireless band: VHF (1x handheld microphone)
- Input Connectors: 4x Jack ¼´ + 2x RCA
- Output Connectors: 2 RCA L/R outputs
- Controls: Master Volume+Tone Control+Input Gains+Echo Level
- Functions: MP3 Player, Front LED Bar, Bluetooth, USB/SD
- Dimensions: Subwoofer (330 x 350 x 630 mm), Satellite (90 x 90 x 460 mm each), Entire system: 330 x 350 x 1586 mm
- Weight: 19.3kg