Kit 2x Lampadas Cree LED Platinum H4 6000K 40W 5200Lm (Substitui Xenon) - M-TECH / OSRAM






The LED SET M-TECH Platinum is currently the most advanced product available on the market, dedicated to converting yellow halogen lighting into white light. European design, innovative solutions and the best components demonstrate the high quality of this product.
The kit produces 200% bright light compared to the original installation. The lamps are equipped with high performance multi-chip based SMD LED diodes which influence two aspects of luminous efficiency:
- Better visibility: longer luminous flux, more light at the roadside
- More focused luminous flux:> 5200 lumens
Thanks to the perfectly adjusted luminous flux model, the lamps do not dazzle other drivers. They glow with long, centered light with no ""black dots"" on the road.
- OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Diodes
A main element of each lighting item is the light source. OSRAM Opto Semiconductors diodes provide the best performance of one watt of power while maintaining proper thermal properties. A high repeatability of the LEDs manufactured and a strict quality control have a great impact on the final quality not only of the diodes, but also of the entire product.
- European design and mechanical manufacturing
The mounting of LEDs directly on the copper heat conductor using modern SMT machines and their correct positioning in relation to the other components influences the durability of the product. SMT machines are characterized by a good fastening speed of the diodes, which is very important in mass production. However, the most important features are reliability and self-control through macro cameras and magnetic radiation.
- Thermal conductivity
Heat transfer technology based on Heat Pipe technology and fixing diodes directly on copper without PCB board ensures the most efficient heat dissipation. Heat transfer flows directly from the diode through the copper core to the copper radiators in the form of strips. All this is designed to dissipate the accumulated heat in the best possible way.
- Microprocessor
The product is equipped with advanced electronic microprocessor control along with adequate protection.
Of safety and fault-free operation are responsible filters, stabilizers, surge and interference protectors and start voltage control system.
Model: H4
Color: 5700K
Cooling: Passive
LED Type: OSRAM Opto Semiconductors
Case: Aluminum Alloy
Copper Bar
Power: 40W /60W (set)
Voltage: 9V-36V DC 1.5A / 2.3A
Durability: 30000h
Luminous flux: max. 5200lm (set)