Cabo Magnético USB Macho - Lightning Macho S8 (Preto) 1,20 mts - HOCO

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Magnetic cable - HOCO SELECTED S8. It allows you to charge devices efficiently. Equipped with an LED indicator and a separate rotating plug.
Made of high quality materials - nylon and zinc, it ensures safe and long-term use.
The ideal cable length (1.2 m) does not affect comfortable use and does not restrict movement.
Supports charging - the product allows charging mobile devices with the appropriate type of connector. Does not support data transmission.
The separate rotating plug makes it easy to connect to the cable with magnetic attraction and improves the comfortable use of the device while charging.
The nylon braid prevents damage to the cable.
Supports simultaneous data transfer and loading.
- Length: 1.2m
- Weight: 32g
- Materials: Nylon and zinc alloy