Cabo HDMI Amplificado 4K 3D 19P Macho - Macho (75 mts) - NEDIS

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(NEDIS -> CVBG3400BK750)
This Active Optical Cable (AOC) is the perfect solution for transferring large amounts of high quality data over long periods with virtually no loss . Thanks to the all-metal connector housing, the cable is highly resistant to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). Along with CPR certification, it is the ideal cable for using buildings and offices as fixed structures between the source and the monitor.
As the connectors convert electrical signals into optical (light) signals, the signal can be transferred beyond normal copper cables, but using very thin and flexible cables. Also, it is not necessary to add an external power supply, which is common when using copper cables for long distances.
? Metal connector housing with high resistance to EMI and RFI
? Gold-plated contacts for continuous data transfer
? CPR certified for use in fixed structures
? High speed HDMI ? cable with certified Ethernet
? Supports maximum resolution of 4K @ 60Hz
? 4.8 mm cable outer diameter
compliant ? Maximum 18 Gbps bandwidth
? No need for external power thanks to optical data transfer