Kit 2x Lampadas LED Extreme H4 6000K 40W 5000Lm






The M-TECH Platinum LED ASSEMBLY is currently the most advanced design available on the market. The European design, the unconventional solutions and the quality of the components used prove the high quality of this product.
The main element of each lighting set is its light source. The use of properly selected brand diodes for the project guarantees its reliability and high efficiency. OSRAM Opto Semiconductors provide the best performance with one watt of power while maintaining the correct thermal properties. The high reproducibility of the diodes produced, the appropriate production standards and the strict quality control have a great impact on the final quality not only of the diodes themselves, but also of all products.
- Conception European and mechanical manufacturing
Precise mounting of diodes using modern SMT machines directly on the copper heat conductor and their proper location in relation to other elements directly affects the durability of the product. SMT machines are characterized by the speed of application of the diode, which is an important element in mass production, but the most important feature is mainly reliability and self-control through macro and X-ray cameras.
- Thermal conductivity
The heat transfer technology developed based on the Heat Pipe technology and mounting the diode directly on copper without the PCB ensures the most efficient heat distribution. Heat transfer takes place directly from the diode through the copper core to the aluminum radiators in the form of strips. All this has been carefully planned to dissipate the accumulated heat as best as possible.
- Microprocessor
The product is equipped with advanced microprocessor control electronics with appropriate protections.
Appropriate filters, stabilizers, overvoltage protections, anti-interference protections and starting voltage control system are responsible for safety and trouble-free operation.
Model: H4
Color: 6500K
Cooling: Passive
Case: Aluminum alloy
Copper bar
Power: 40W
Voltage: 9V-36V DC 1.5A / 2.3A
Durability: 30000h
Luminous flux: max. 5000lm (set)