Lampada H7 55W 12V Platinum p/ Automóvel - M-TECH



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The PLATINUM series means up to 130% more light on the road compared to standard halogen lamps.
The special construction of the lamp with an appropriate filter, modeled on the main products, provides a strong, long-range white light.
The PLATINUM lamp is distinguished by the same color of light measured in Kelvin and only by the 5% weaker light flux measured in lumens compared to the brands products.
After using the lamps of PLATINUM family, we get the effect of a perfectly white color, less tiring for the drivers eyes, more colors in the signs and lines on the road.
The elongated light beam allows you to observe obstacles in advance, which guarantees greater safety and visibility.
These lamps are characterized by high durability and resistance to high temperatures and vibrations.
Tempered quartz glass and high quality steel were used in their production.
Quartz glass with UV filter protects the headlights against damage and the blinds against stains.
The average life of the lamp is about 300 hours of operation, which puts it in the same series as products from brands such as Bosma, Narva or Tungsram.
Up to 130% more light.
- Perfectly adjust focal length
- Solid twisted-pair construction
- Refined gas filling
- UV filter
- Made of quartz glass
- Tempered steel base
- Single economic packaging
- Osram Night Breaker Unlimited
- Philips Extreme Vision
- PowerTec Platinum
Technical parameters:
- Designation: H7
- Base: Px26d
- Approval: E4
- Power: 55W
- Voltage: 12V
- Symbol: ZPT7