Cabo HDMI 2.0 ALTA-QUALIDADE 4K (30 mts)

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High speed 4K/60Hz cable for long transmission distances
- Hybrid HDMI? optical cable (optical fiber + copper) connects devices over long distances up to 100 meters without data loss - even in areas with high levels of electromagnetic radiation.
- Its particularly thin and light construction makes it perfectly suitable for all types of installations.
- High resolution signal transmission with up to 4K / 60 Hz (backwards compatible) gives you optimal enjoyment. In addition, the cable supports all common features such as ARC (Audio Return Channel), HDCP or 3D.
- The twist-protected metal plugs are extremely robust and high quality. Gold-plated connections with low contact resistance ensure the best possible signal transmission.
- The ideal transmission option for long distances. Fiber optic cable combines the advantages of optimal transmission speed and low susceptibility to interference, especially for long cables without amplification.
- AOC (Active Optical Cable) Technology Converts the electrical signal into a optical signal and back into an electrical signal at the end of the line. (Signal direction must be observed when connecting)